About me

Hi, this is Conan Wu, an ‘accidental’ consultant who likes lots of random stuff.

Before this consulting gig I was a prop painter at Shanghai Disneyland and homeless artist in Los Angeles; before that, both this blog and myself were into mathematics. In fact, for six years (2007-2013) mathematics was almost all I did. At the beginning of 2012, in the midst of working towards my PhD back at Princeton, a trip to Disney World reminded me of what I really want to do and hence changed my life forever.

A big challenge for me in this strange new world of management consulting is that, one hardly ever gets to be creative, at least not in ways I wanted. So I hope to fill that void by doing side-projects on weekends and record some of them on this blog. Hopefully one day I will do enough interesting stuff to get to where I wanted to be (Imagineering? PIXAR? Outer space?) My ultimate hope is for this to evolve into a log that shows dreams can be achieved no matter how distant it is from where you are.

If you have comments/questions/suggestions or just want to day hi, please feel free to e-mail me at conan777@gmail.com.(I check that >10 times a day and will do my best to recall what I was thinking when writing the post)

A video that deeply inspired me: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams by Randy Pausch — A CS professor in Carnegie Mellon.

Finally, a keyword cloud of stuff on this blog~

6 Responses to “About me”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Conan,

    How do you make your beautiful diagrams? Are they purely “hand drawn”, or do you have systematic ways of making them look the way they do?


    • 777 Says:

      Hi~(Sorry I can’t guess what that ‘A’ stand for)

      Glad you like the images! Yes they are pretty much ‘hand drawn’ (in Adobe illustrator), I just follow my instincts and adjust them until they are aesthetically pleasing :-P

  2. Mengyi Shen Says:

    I started to read your blog again, because you talk about painting instead of only maths (which i don’t quite understand) now. Get inspired by your new journey!

  3. David Says:

    You are my new hero.

  4. Luqing Ye Says:

    Hi.Could you tell me what’s your WordPress blog theme?I like its style.

    • 777 Says:

      missed this message looong ago… Sorry about that. In case anyone is still curious, the theme is called ‘white as milk’ if I remember correctly

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