Recent progress on the Imagineering quest

August 17, 2014

As we all know, I set my life goal of doing this Disney/Pixar stuff 2.5 years ago during that epic vacation in Walt Disney World. So after learning that they are building a park in my hometown Shanghai, I had this idea of coming back and start from there which got realized half a year ago after I had an injure trying to renovate the studio space in LA. (well…that’s another story >.< I one just needs to know that I'm fully recovered and am jumping around again, as you can tell from below)

After arrival I didn't really know how to proceed, so I spent some time catching up on academic drawings:

2014-03-25 21.31.53

2014-04-02 18.21.28

2014-03-30 21.32.57

and paintings:

2014-04-06 22.41.45

2014-04-12 21.57.35

Then I spent most of the Spring wandering the roads of Shanghai:


2014-04-15 01.32.02

2014-04-15 01.29.17

Hanging out in coffee shops:


and did some domestic traveling:



Finally in May, I was recovered and ready to head to the park (ok…plus start road biking…):

2014-05-12 18.24.33

I started off by finding a random job painting props (such as rocks, wood, and sculptures that are made of fiberglass) with a local sub-sub-subcontractor under Disney. This was quite an adventure, I got to live in the construction worker’s dorm inside the park and worked 6 days a week, it was FUN:

2014-05-22 07.39.27

(Note: everything in the painting shop are top secrets and cannot be taken photos of =P)

So I went to paint items in the Shanghai version of the classical Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

After a few weeks they somehow discovered I’m pretty good at this and decided to make me an art supervisor (oh, and I received a salary multiplier of 2.5). After another few weeks I got an offer from a not-too-sub contractor I dealt with on the site (with another salary multiplier of 2.5, now let’s see, what will happen if one keeps this exponential growth… =P Ok just joking…But I decided to turn them down and went for a job interview with Disney (finally!)

That’s pretty much where I am right now. Hopefully I’ll soon be calling myself an Imagineer, if not I’ll just keep trying until that happens =P. Wish me luck!

4 Responses to “Recent progress on the Imagineering quest”

  1. Hao Shen Says:

    great you have recovered! it must have been fun to live with construction workers :D

  2. Yunting Gao Says:

    I have watched your blog for a while…You are always trying to offer the true feeling here . Anyway no mater or whatever you choose, what I believe is that follow your heart. That is the best way. Anyway best wishes for your future!

  3. Awesome paintings! Good luck with getting the Disney job, if you haven’t yet.

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