Progress update: Painting, drawing etc. 11/25/2013

November 25, 2013

A life painting~ (this time I got a longer pose)

2013-10-10 19.01.19

Newest unfinished master copy:
2013-11-23 18.15.06

Rembrandt head, finished (compare to the last version in this post)
2013-10-01 13.01.46

Some plants from the LA Arboretum:

2 (7 of 7)

2 (6 of 7)

2 (4 of 7)

2 (3 of 7)

Turning sphere inside out~ (well…still gotta have some nerdy stuff, right?)

2 (5 of 7)

Composition: Kids found an abandoned boat and stolen stuff from home to decorate it as a pirate ship =P

2013-10-20 15.19.38

3 Responses to “Progress update: Painting, drawing etc. 11/25/2013”

  1. Krystal Says:

    this is great Conan! Love it!

  2. Yash Memarian Says:

    Amazing,fantastic work(s)!!!

  3. Wow, your paintings are really good.

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