Slides for my little Anosov talk

March 14, 2011

As promised~ have fun!

*Actually I’m a strong supporter of the idea that all talks should be done on blackboards…However, this time since the talk is only 25 minutes long and it takes me 5 minutes to draw a product Cantor set, I had to use slides…

Hence I made fake blackboard slides…

7 Responses to “Slides for my little Anosov talk”

  1. Pengfei Says:

    Wish you the best luck! The sophisticated pictures~

  2. Pengfei Says:

    the most enjoyable talk~

  3. christian Says:

    OK Nice argument. The use of bilipschitz and the isoperimetric inequality is very clear.
    Can we change Bowen example for fixing that?

  4. Luis Guzman Says:

    You actually posted this on the day my daughter was born! :D I love the slides. What did you use to make these slides with the blackboard theme? I would like to use these in the future if it is something that I can replicate. Thanks!

    • 777 Says:

      Hi Luis,

      Congratulations (about the daughter :-)!

      I just used standard keynote (the apple version of powerpoint). The blackboard theme is build-in. Although I did generate all the latex formulas separately. (namely, I used latex to generate them and save them in image format, then put in photoshop and ‘coated’ the chalk on them by hand)

      Have fun!

  5. Martin Tautenhahn Says:

    Nice slides. Which font did you use?

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